Life insurance is a funny thing.  No one wants to talk about it.  No one wants to buy it.  Almost everyone should have it.

It's so difficult to talk about dying.  Losing a loved one, especially losing a loved one on whom we depend, is not something we want to think about.  WThe problem is that when it does happen, it's too late to discuss options.  What will you do about the mortgage?  About childcare?  What will you do about all of those savings plans you had that will no longer be fulfilled?  Saving for retirement becomes difficult. Saving for college becomes impossible. 

Term life insurance is an inexpensive option that most people can take advantage of. Especially if you buy it when you are young and healthy, the impact on a family budget is minimal.  You'd be surprised how inexpensive term life insurance can be. 

I have almost any company available to me that you can think of.  I can meet the rates of almost any company you can find online and I can explain the policy pe in person so that you can understand exactly what you are buying.

If you have thought about life insurance to protect your family, give me a call.  With just a few pieces of information, I can run you a quote, sometimes while we are on the phone.


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