Permanent Life Looks Like An Even Better Option Given Bleak Future Stock Market Expectations

A well structured permanent life policy will give about a 3% to 4% return over time, and can even be better if you use it within the infinite banking philosophy.

Many are projecting long term growth of domestic stocks at about 3%. See the 2017 article in Forbes for example. The author projects that returns of the stock market will likely be in the 3% range through 2043. That's 25 year period.

In the past, the argument against a long term purchase of a permanent life policy was that stock market returns are so much higher than what a life insurance policy returned, that there was no reason to buy a whole or universal life policy.

With the new projections, not only does it make a lot of sense in comparative return, but the other advantages of a life insurance policy make it look even better.

So, in addition to that 3% or more return, a good life insurance policy will allow you to access the funds through loans to yourself. You can use that money to invest other places or in projects.

Of course, the other obvious benefit is that you have the life insurance, Not to sound morbid, but this drastically increases the return on the policy should an unexpected death happen. You can buy a policy on a child or a grandchild as well, which both increases the return on the policy as well as give a greater life benefit.

Add to the fact that the return grows tax free, it's a great way to save money that is not otherwise tax protected (eg, 401K or IRA).

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